Rebelling is the most Practical thing you can do for your Business

You are meant to do things YOUR WAY!! 

Are you searching for the perfect way to build your business?!

I've been there my friend. I spent many years in my business looking for someone to help me find the correct way. I spent thousands of dollars on courses, programs, coaches, and templates (oh my the amount of templates!!).

Until I figured out the ultimate secret. There is no right way to do business!

Yup, you heard me right, you get to do this however the FUCK you want.

You get to be the Rebel you've always dreamed of and create a business that works for YOU! 

Your business gets to serve YOU first!

It’s super rebellious to consider that your business gets to serve you FIRST. We’ve been taught that to have a successful business you have to do what the client wants first. You know that old saying that “the customer is always right”.

I disagree!

The key to joy in your business is to figure out what works for YOU first, before you consider others. If it doesn’t work for you, it won’t work for anybody else!

You will eventually burn yourself out and have to do something else. Or you will be completely miserable and not really able to serve your clients anyway. Why not start with you first and see what happens from there?!

Here’s how I see it. 

Every business has a sweet spot. In order to find the sweet spot, we have to look at the humans in the business. There are 3 groups of humans in your business: you, your team, and your clients. These humans are the keys to how you make decisions about what needs to happen in your business.

Each group has their own needs, desires, and expectations. In order to create successful operations and systems, we need to find the place where these three groups crossover. This allows for happy, healthy humans that want to be a part of your business.

Rebels do things DIFFERENTLY!

Traditional business standards are rigid about the rules of how to build a business. There are some pretty prescriptive ways that history has told us is the right way.  Depending on your background, you may have been trying to build your business based on one of these restrictive, "right or wrong" models.

Also, it's not unusual to hire a coach or a strategist that can only give you ONE way of creating success. It's the way that they know. It's not wrong, it's just not for everyone. You may have been trying to apply this person's process and you can't figure out why it's not working.

Listen, I tried creating my business like this for YEARS. It's never worked for me. I would create these gorgeously laid out plans and then never look at them again. Then I would blame myself for not following through and cue the imposter syndrome thoughts of whether or not I was good enough.

This cycle continued for several years in some form or fashion. I would reset and try again and it would still fall apart. Until...

I embraced doings things in a different way.

I discovered that I could define my success in a different way.

I discovered that traditional ways of planning just didn't work for me.

I discovered that there is no "right or wrong" only what brings me joy

I discovered that understanding and honoring my own needs, wants, and desires first helped to bypass the imposter syndrome and just be ME

I decided was tired of trying to shove my magical ass into someone else's box.

Rebels define their own SUCCESS!

Is this you?

👋 you identify as a coach, healer, spiritual entrepreneur, witch, woo woo, taboo, or any combination of these

👋 you create plans that look pretty on paper yet you never look at them again

👋 you resist planning at all costs because it feels overwhelming or too structured

👋 you wait until the last minute to do things in your business because its restrictive to plan too far into the future

👋 you knows you need more structure AND you aren't really sure how to create that structure in a way that works for you

👋 you have tried ALL the ways of building a business in the past and it's never "worked"

👋 you are ready to embrace how you can be both practical AND woo as a both/and instead of an either/or

Introducing the Practical Rebel Business Collective 🔥

The Collective is a place for business owners who are looking to step into their CEO Identity

Those who are looking for growth in a way that creates a ripple effect in the universe.

Those who desire to do things in their own way.

Those who desire to embrace both energy and practicality.

These business owners are ready to own their experience and design their business to serve humans.

These business owners are looking to increase their Business Capacity to the next level.

These business owners are ready to do the work and to put themselves first as a method for expansion

You can have wild success on your own terms! 

Here's what you'll do in the Collective:

🌟 Unplan your business and build a plan that works for YOU

🌟 Create Aligned Operations that give you the Structure you need to be in your Flow

🌟 Audit areas of your business based on what you desire to experience and what you desire others to experience in your business

🌟 Collaborate with other business owners who believe that we all rise together 

🌟 Discover the level of accountability you desire and how to implement systems to support you

Here's what designing a Practical Rebel business looks like:

💥 defining success on your own terms

💥 planning in a way that works for you (instead of how you were taught in corporate)

💥 choosing the way you desire to experience your business

💥 only saying yes to things that light you up

💥 making aligned decisions that allow for connection

💥 making more money while you do shit your way 🤑

Here's all the DETAILS 🔥

How it works:

This is a 12-month membership.

It is designed for you lean into your CEO Identity and increase your Business Capacity to reach your next level of growth.

Monthly: Each month we will explore a theme of the Unplanning system, complete an audit to check in on how things are going, set intentions and decide on action steps.

Annually: We will come together 3 times a year to deep dive into Unplanning in a 5-day immersion (2 hours each day) called Plan Like a Rebel. We will explore our "rules" and create a plan that works for your unique business. These events are usually in March, June or July, and October.

Misc: The Aligned Operations course is conducted LIVE once a year. You will have access to the replays and can come LIVE to get real time support.

Practical Stuff:

Dates: 2nd & 4th Wednesday of every month

Times:  9am PT / 12pm ET (2 hours)

Price: $3700 Pay in full OR $333 for 12 months

Rebel Stuff:

LIVE Plan Like a Rebel events (3 per year)

Aligned Operations Course (8-weeks - LIVE once a year)

Monthly Group Coaching / Accountability Call

Slack Community for masterminding and support

Bonus Stuff:

Pay in Full and get a 1:1 HD Reading or Strategy Call

Add-on 1:1 Coaching Calls with Amber ($1000 per month - 2 calls and unlimited Telegram access)


Do I need to be there live for every session?

Nope! You can come live if you can AND there will be replays as well :-)

If you can get there LIVE then you will get more access to individualized coaching


What's the investment?

$3700 PIF OR $333 a month for 12 months


Tell me more about the Annual Membership

This membership is designed to give YOU (the CEO) access to both the guidance and support of the live Plan Like a Rebel events AND the community and support in between the events to make sure you don't lose the energy created at the events. The bonus is access to a community of other business owners that are doing and planning with the same framework so you can create accountability and discuss any of the the things that can knock you off the path you created during the live event


What's included in the Annual Membership?

What's included: 

Single Ticket for all LIVE Plan Like a Rebel events this year (3 per year)

Aligned Operations Course (8-weeks - LIVE once a year) 

Monthly Group Coaching / Accountability Call

Slack Community for masterminding and support

Membership Portal for all REPLAYS and Aligned Ops Course


Will I get specific help for my unique business?

Yes! The monthly calls will be taught by Amber and there will be room for individual questions.

You will also be able to ask questions and get support in the Slack community.


You get to do things however the Fuck you WANT!!


About Amber

Hi 👋 I’m Amber. I’m an Intuitive Business Coach.

I believe that sometimes rebelling is the most practical thing you can do for your life and your business. I work with leaders who desire to do things differently. Together we will recalibrate your definition of success to create a business that aligns systems with humans. My mission is to transform the old boring "business standards" into "human-first approaches". This allows us to create safer team relationships and allow people to show up as their whole, unique selves inside our businesses.

I’m proud to hold certifications in both trauma-informed practices and Sourced leadership. I’m also certified in many levels of business operations and have business psychology degrees. This really means that I am skilled in the practical and people sides of business. I make a natural bridge to help translate between people and process. Spoiler: we need both people and process to make a business work well and grow.