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Rebelling is doing things that make sense to you even when they don't make sense to anyone else! The real trick to implementing Rebelling as a strategy is to understand how much Structure you need to be in your Flow.

In order to reach your desired success level in your business, it's going to require both Structure and Flow. This is how we create Joy and Freedom in our business.

You see, we need BOTH. This is not about one being better than the other. These energies are both needed and when we prioritize one over the other all the time things are going to get all wonky.

Let's look at this in your Business Capacity. To create aligned Business Capacity you have to understand how much Structure you need in your business to be in your Flow. 

If there's not enough Structure, then it's hard to grow, expand or even get to where you want to go. If there's not enough Flow, then it's hard to find the Joy and will likely feel like being trapped or stuck.

It's a both/and! 

Are you ready to create aligned Business Capacity with your unique blend of Structure and Flow? ⬇️

Business Capacity = Freedom

Plan Like a Rebel Sneak Peek 

October 11, 2023

9am PT / 12pm ET

Come hang out and get an idea of what the Plan Like a Rebel event will be like 

  • what is Business Capacity 
  • Structure and Flow in your Business
  • how to decide how much Structure you need to be in your Flow
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