Are you ready for true connection?!

You know, the kind of connection that comes from mutually beneficial friendships.

The kind of connection that comes from humans all working towards healthy growth.

The kind of connection that feels like stepping into a warm hug from someone who loves you.

You're in the right place lovely!!!

we are not meant to do business alone

Humans crave connection. 

There are very few things I miss from corporate AND the biggest one is spending time with other people. I don't miss the deadlines OR long meetings OR managers that don't really care about me as a person. But I miss having co-workers! Don't get me wrong, my animals are cute and cuddly (I have 3 furry co-workers that keep me company) AND I miss connecting with other humans.

It doesn't matter if you identify as an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert - we all crave community in some way. Humans are designed to be in community. Groups create safety - or at least that's what our nervous system believes anyway. We desire connection with other like minded people. We seek out spaces where we can be with others. 

Where are my verbal processors?!

I'm a verbal processor! You know one of those humans who need to talk it out in order to get to the solution. Those humans who seek out other people to discuss ALL the things. Those humans who hire coaches and then after talking through things answer their own questions. I know it's not just me. 

Time alone is great AND it's not always fun to work alone.

I love spending time alone. I take roadtrips alone and crave time in my own space. I need this space to recharge. Yet, it's not unusual for me to feel lonely when I'm sitting in my office working. I'm not talking about when I'm working with clients. I mean when I'm creating content or writing sales pages or designing systems for my own business or when I'm working to process through something that happened in one of my groups or with a client. Sometimes I just want to talk to someone who understands this wild world of intimately understands because they are experiencing these things too.

Does this magical community actually exist?!

The Connected Mini-Mind is here 🤗

Business ownership isn't always easy but you don't have to do it alone. Conected is here to create a space for humans who desire community, support, feedback, and collaboration. It's a space where business owners can grow and expand together. The rising tide lifts all boats lovely. This space is here for all of us to rise together.

I hear you! 

If you desire a safe space to feel your feelings and be heard. A space to talk about the joyful and not so joyful parts of your business. A space to say out loud those things that no one else in your life seems to be able to understand - even though they try!

I feel you!

If you are longing for a space that brings together people who are in this wild world of business. A space where everyone else has experienced some version of where you are at right now. A space where the others just "get it". A space where you aren't expected to be "okay" all the time. 

I see you!

If you secretly (or maybe not so secretly) desire a space that you can be seen completely whether things are working right now or not. A space where the others around you can show up exactly how you are and be accepted. A space where the only expectation is that you are completely YOU! 

I've got you, boo 😘

We are creating the space that you crave. A space where we bring together humans that want to be your best cheerleader. These humans want to see you succeed in the best of ways. They think you are amazing even when you don't fee that way all the time. These humans are your Biz Besties! 

Biz Besties are coming together in this collective space to create community, support, feedback, and collaboration. So whether you have a bestie already, or are excited to find your first one, this is the space. I mean, you can never have too many people in your corner cheering for you!

Introducing the Connected Mini-Mind

Here's what happens in the Mini-Mind:
  • Group calls twice a month 
    • 1 call will be training / 1 call will be group coaching
  • Co-working calls twice a month 
    • we come together and get some shit done
  • Special training sessions 
    • Each member has the option to raise their hand to do a 30 min session on whatever they desire to share. These trainings will be saved as their own stand alone training. Any contact info or offers will be shared in the same place.
  • Connected Mini-Mind portal 
    • a single place for replays and any documents that are shared within the collective
  • Connected Mini-Mind Community 
    • a Slack workspace just for members of the collective.

Hi! I'm Amber Dancy, the Founder of the Practical Rebel. I believe that sometimes rebelling is the most practical thing you can do for your life and your business. I work with leaders who desire to do things differently. Together we recalibrate your definition of success to create a business that aligns systems with humans. Our mission is to transform the old boring "business standards" into "human-first approaches". This allows us to create safer team relationships and allow people to show up as their whole, unique selves inside our businesses.


OK AMBER...what's the cost?!

$333 a month

You have the option to pay monthly ($333) or quarterly ($999). 

The first payment is due at checkout and the following payments will be charged 30 or 90 days later depending on how you make the first payment.