Calibrate Your Business

We are designed to operate in ways that light us up. 

Your Business Gets to Be Designed for YOU

Calibration is a process of adjusting something precisely for a particular function.

When you created your business, you calibrated it to operate in a certain way. Whether you were aware of this or not!

Personally, I calibrated my business to operate like my corporate jobs and what I knew from traditional business teachings I'd learned along the way.

Several years into my business I realized that I was pretty miserable - despite the fact I was making good money, had a flexible schedule, and worked remotely from home. You know, all the things that feel like freedom.

So why the F' was I so miserable?!

Because I had calibrated my business to things that didn't work for me.

I had calibrated my business based on someone else's version of what success looked like.

Let's Re-Calibrate

Around the time I was realizing things were off in my business, I discovered Human Design. This is when things started to get really interesting....

It felt like I had finally found the system that made sense to me.

You see, I'm a a huge sucker for assessments and anything that helps me to understand how I work and how others work as well.

Human Design allowed me to really see myself, and my strengths, and my life in ways that no other system or assessment ever had.

I took my Human Design and began to calibrate my business by how I was designed.

And everything started to shift and fall into place ⬇️

I went from miserable to being in love with my business.

I went from dreading going into my office to looking forward to the next day.

I went from constant feelings of struggle and overwhelm (i.e. not really getting anything done) to aligned action and allowing myself to be first.

Ok Amber, what does calibration really look like?

Calibrating Your Business looks like:

πŸ’œ Understanding your unique capacity based on your design and how to do the work in your business in a way that lights you up

πŸ’œ Creating systems that increase your business capacity without sacrificing your personal capacity

πŸ’œ Feeling confident in making aligned decisions for your business based on your human design

πŸ’œ Leaning into your intuition and trusting that your business gets to serve you first

πŸ’œ Releasing ways you’ve been doing things that don’t light you up

πŸ’œ Feeling highly supported by your business and your team

πŸ’œ Setting intentions based on what you truly desire without shame or judgment

πŸ’œ Falling deeply in love with your business

πŸ’œ And so much more

As a systems person myself I didn't know how "unplanning" my business was going to work. Let me tell you, Amber made me a believer! This was the first retreat I have attended EVER (and there have been a lot) that I ACTUALLY used the entire workbook! What an incredible business altering experience. So many EYE OPENING moments that I didn't realize needed to be looked at or were already taken care of. Highly recommend investing in this event!

Stephanie Barthelmes , Intuitive Tech and Systems Consultant

Amber has a clarity of vision that helps me move forward with my business and she imparts that vision honestly and effortlessly. Thanks to her, I am a better manager and she has increased my business potential. Thanks Amber!

Karen Gilbertson , KJ Gilbertson CPA, LLC

I needed an anchor and a comrade to get me out of a funk and onto dry land, and Amber did exactly that and more. To feel challenged and spoken to with honesty, but with kindness and with confidence that I would figure it out...there's really no one else that can do that quite like Amber. I bet you any other coach would have fired me long ago, or never taken me up in the first place! I don't think I'd have grown the way I have without walking beside Amber. I'd probably still be spun out and stuck exactly where I was at the start. I can't even imagine that now.

Emme Porter DeWitt , Both& Collective

The biggest change since having Amber in my business has been clarity and reframing the way I think about my business. And the biggest benefit of having Amber as my business coach is her ability to speak without a filter. She helps me bring in new perspectives and make decisions that work for me and my business.

Renee Moore , Canine Craze

Program Details

Practical Stuff:

Dates: Jan 23 - Apr 9 (12 weeks)

Times: Tuesdays at 12:30pm PT /

3:30pm ET (90 mins-ish)

Program Only Price: $1333 Pay in full OR

$466 for 3 months OR $233 for 6 months

Program +1:1 Price: $2222 Pay in full OR

$766 for 3 months OR $388 for 6 months

Rebel Stuff:

Personalized Human Design Report 

Program portal with lifetime access to replays

Private Slack Community for connection and support 

Bonus Stuff:

Get in by Dec 22 and get a FREE 1:1 HD Reading

Add-on 4 - 30 min 1:1 Sessions (Price is above)


Do I need to be there live for every session?

Nope! You can come live if you can AND there will be replays as well :-)

There will also be 2 integration weeks where we will not meet so you can process and work on integrating your learnings.


Does the program include any 1:1 sessions?

You can add on 4 - 30 min 1:1 sessions with Amber. If you purchase the Program Only there are no 1:1's include or you can choose to add-on the 1:1 sessions. 

You may choose to use the sessions in whatever configuration you desire - as long as the minimum session time is 30 mins. So you can have 4 separate 30 min sessions or you can have two 60 min sessions or you could have one 90 min session and one 30 min session or you can even have a 2 hour session. 

It's your choice my love 😍


Will I get specific help for my unique business?

Yes! The weekly calls will be taught by Amber and there will be room for individual questions.

You will also be able to ask questions and get support in the Slack community.


What comes in the personalized Human Design Report?

You will get a PDF copy of your Human Design along with an expanded explanation of your specific defined and undefined centers. The breakdown includes optimal/unoptimal functioning and affirmations for each center.


What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system for understanding your soul's purpose on this earth and your life's mission for how that purpose will be manifested. In 1987, Ra Uru Hu received a transmission of information from "a Voice" - he described as an intelligence - and then he wrote the Rave I'Ching. The Human Design System combines properties from astrology, Vedic philosophy, Chakras, the Kabbalah, and I'Ching.

It combines ancient philosophies and modern sciences to create spiritual technique to help humans understand their own energy and how to make aligned decisions. It's like a personality test married astrology and chakra energy into a glorious polyamorous relationship that makes so much sense that once you see it you will never be able to un-see it. Yes, I said what I said 😘

Dare to Create a Business You Love